North Sea Air

by IntotheNorthSea

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Our second release which is bridging the gap between the more music that is to come later in the year!
Feel free to not pay a penny or to take out a loan and then pay us.. all cool.
~ George and Matt x


released June 29, 2012



all rights reserved


IntotheNorthSea Colchester, UK

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Track Name: North Sea Air (Aftersoon)
We unravelled out here,
Along the line of a lamplit pier,
Standing on the waves and we were-

Climbing up away from the town,
that circle centre they all go round,
We could still see the orange of the-

Flashlights so fleetingly,
A moment passed where we felt free,
To the great ocean we threw-

All those clocks that they clutch into the night
Those turning hands, that turning fright-
Dear (but) we turn together.

I said it in the afternoon, I said I'll see you soon,
We said it together,
I said it in the afternoon, I said I'll see you soon,
We said it together,
I said it in the afternoon, I said I'll see you soon,
We turn together.

I was walking on the beach,
We were walking on the beach in the cold air
Every time we put our feet down,
Our footsteps made a sweet sound,
Our hearts took to the cold air,
And we were held there.

We were sleeping on the North Sea,
Dreaming on the North Sea in the cold air,
Dancing on the cliffside,
Running with the ebb tide,
Our hearts took to the night air,
And we were held there.

You said you'd seen the end,
I said I felt I'd found the love again,
I know your spirit's down there in the cold air.

You were standing on the pier,
we were standing on the pier in the cold air.
Track Name: Shelves
See those people on the shelves,
Proud pictures of themselves,
They stay so still collecting dust,
Give a little polish,
Give your troubles with your trust.

Take over that well-mastered face,
That we practised at the weekends,
When I'd sleep at your place,
That week when we ventured to the town,
Hoards of people watched,
While we turned, and turned around.

Don't keep falling when you feel the same,
All the time that you tried to tame,
Don't stop flying till you feel the flame,
oh you feel the flame, you feel the flame.